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How cool is this: Vancouver-based swimwear company called Nettle’s Take has launched a line with the themes of honesty and individuality. And the results are some of the prettiest, sexiest swimsuits I’ve ever laid my size-16 eyes on.

From Kelowna Now: “When you go swimsuit shopping you feel like, ‘Great now I have to take my body that’s different from every other woman’s body that’s out there on the planet and I have to try to fit in to what’s on the market,’” says founder Julia Church. “I want women to go to the shop and see all the different ages and sizes of women and feel like, ‘If she can do it, I can do it.’”

A look at Nettle's Tale's new line. View More:

A look at Nettle’s Tale’s new line. View More:

Custom suits made from locally-sourced materials AND they’re modelled by regular women (not models) AND 10 percent of profits go to charity? I’m so in, I’m almost on the other side. Suit up, ladies!