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Jodie Layne’s new boss column on how to dress like a plus-sized version of your favourite TV character
I am living for this: Jodie, a body-positive writer and sex educator  I met through social media,  recently started a new column for Bustle and the first post is titled So You Wanna Dress Like A Fat Olivia Pope? Here’s How To Get Her Look In Plus Sizes. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA! Can’t wait to see who she takes on next (apparently she’s planning one on one of my favourite people, Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer. YAS QUEEN!)


These women’s responses to their childhood bullies
OK, so this Buzzfeed post is nothing ground-breaking and it received mixed feedback, but some of these comebacks gave me a good chuckle. And really, who wouldn’t want a chance to go back in time to speak up for your younger self?

courtesy of Buzzfeed

courtesy of Buzzfeed


Valyncia Sparvier, 11, speaks out for missing and murdered aboriginal women
This bright grade-six student decided to focus her public-speaking assignment for school on this important cause. It’s an issue that hits home for the girl (her mother’s cousin, Danita Bigeagle, went missing in Regina nearly 10 years ago). A snippet of her speech (courtes): “In just a few short years, the risk to myself and my peers increases dramatically. I am one of the oldest of my cousins and I have a lot of beautiful cousins and I want to keep them safe.”

Valyria (courtesy of

11-year-old Valyncia (courtesy of

This awesome mom’s speech for the boy who won’t take no for an answer

I can’t get over how much I love this mother’s message. Not only does she clearly explain why it’s not OK to harass someone you like (yes, continually pestering someone for a date is harassment), she goes on to suggest ways that he can cope (writing in a journal, talking to a trusted friend, etc.) Can we make this video part of Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum? Well done, Mama Bear.

ICYMI: Abbey Sharp’s take-down of the Biggest Loser

Back in January, Abbey (of Abbey’s Kitchen) wrote an extensive post outlining all of the awful The Biggest Loser secrets that have come to light over the past couple of years, including this: “The trainers and producers would make disgusting fat-shaming remarks that dug at each contestant’s deepest insecurities and motivators.” Guys, there’s much better  TV out there (see above blurb about Broad City). It’s time to boycott TBL once and for all.