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Had a rough week? Check out The Fat Lady Sings, our new weekly round-up of things that are making us smile right now.


Lia and Tessa, the 13-year-old girls behind We Give Consent
From the classroom to Queen’s Park: These two incredible eighth-graders started a petition to have the Ontario sex ed curriculum updated to include discussions of consent. Earlier this month, premier Kathleen Wynne announced that consent would indeed be part of the new curriculum rolling out this September. Read the full Q&A by Katie Underwood over at



Tess Munster getting signed to Milk Management
This week, one of our favourite bloggers/models/body-positive activists announced that she’s the first plus-size model to be signed to a major agency, which is AMAZING NEWS! We’ve been fans of Tess Munster aka Tess Holliday for awhile now (remember this video?) and we can’t wait to see what happens next.



ICYMI: Fat Girl Food Squad’s Amanda Scriver and Yuli Scheidt on the cover of Toronto’s NOW magazine
The January 8th issue of NOW magazine featured an amazing spread titled “In 2015, Resolve to Love Your Body,” with none other than the fabulous founders of FGFS, and my new pals, Ama and Yuli gracing the cover. Props to NOW for running images of diverse bodies—let’s hope they keep it up. I feel incredibly proud to know these two. (Stay tuned for some exciting news on a future event happening with PSYB and FGFS!)

Photo by Tanja-Tiziana, via

Photo by Tanja-Tiziana, via

Smiling yet? Good. Now get out there, eat some brunch and have an awesome weekend.

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